Evaggelos Venios
landline/fax: +30 2286 041 190
address: Agkali, Folegandros, 84011, Greece

Our vessels

We aim to cover a range of tastes and needs, which is why each of our boats belongs to a different category. Our fleet offers tradition, comfort and speed so you can be comfortable in picking a boat and leaving the rest on us.

Our boats fully comply with the relevant maritime regulations, as verified by the Greek authorities every year to ensure ongoing compliance.

All our boats are personally maintaned by us during winter time. This is one of the ways we make sure we give our boats and service a personal touch, combining tradition with modern amenities.


'Folegandros Star' 41 feet wooden boat

Φολέγανδρος STAR


Folegandros Star is a greek traditional boat, 12.5 meters long (41 feet), built in 1974 in Athens, Greece by one of the best and most well known boat builders, Nikos Gioglis. For the first decade, the boat was working as a cargo boat in the port of Piraeus. It has been remodelled in late 80s, and transformed into a combined cargo/passenger boat. It's name was 'Dimitrios'. In 2013, we bought it, transformed it into a modern and convenient tour boat while we kept its traditional character untouched, and renamed it 'Folegandros Star'.


Today Folegandros Star is the go-to choice for touring the island as it provides the perfect setting for relaxation and full appreciation of the marvelous scenery and beaches at your pace. This boat is perfect for both couples and larger groups. You can relax on the bean bags provided at the boat's rear side, feel the touch of the luurious wooden deck under your bare feet and enjoy the sun and the breathtaking view of the blue horizon and the island's shores. You can also choose to stay inside the large sitting area which offers acool shaded area designed to allow you take a break from the sun without losing out of the touring experience. Having large windows all around, you will never feel isolated.


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'Panagia Folegandrou I' 28 feet polyester boat

Παναγία Φολεγάνδρου


'Panagia Folegandrou 1' is a polyester boat 8.5 meters long (28 feet) built by Island Spirit Cruises founder Evaggelos Venios. With a based on the famous American fishing hull 'Bertram' and an engine with an output of 370bhp, this is an incredibly reliable and powerfull boat.


The boat has been renovated in 2019, equipped with a brand new wooden deck, new cushions and bean bags to provide you with the best possible touring experience. It has a big open sundeck for passengers equipped with a cover for shade. You can always visit the captain in boat's open bridge, sit on its sofa and enjoy the ride.


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'My Toy' 31 feet RIB boat


Φολέγανδρος STAR


'My Toy' is a Mostro Top Gun RIB boat 9 meters long (31 feet) and the newest member of Island Spirit Cruises.


It is an open style boat with twin outboard engines of 225bhp each and two very spacious sun decks. This boat is a 4x4 for the sea, absolutely perfect for every kind of weather, since it offers an ultimate ride and a huge deck. Its hull design guarantees safe trips in rough seas since its military version is used by the Hellenic Coast Guard as a Special Operations Craft.


This boat can be hired for private tours in Folegandros, island hopping to explore nearby islands or one-way transfers to other islands.


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