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address: Agkali, Folegandros, 84011, Greece


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Why should I choose a private tour?

We take great pride in our private tour offering. Our service lets you explore the island with only the people you choose, at your own pace. You can escape from the crowd and visit any part of the island - from the most famous beaches to the best hidden coves only reachable by your own boat. We strive to make this experience the highlight of your vacations. 
What is the itinerary?
There is no fixed itinerary: you can explore and stop for swimming in either the southern or the northern part of the island. We will make recommendations based on the day's weather and our deep knowledge of the island's shores but you can freely modify the itinerary and pick where and for how long you want to stay. We understand that each group's needs are unique and strive to give you the best personalised experience. 
Where do the tours start from?
This depends on the weather conditions as we try to keep you as protected as possible from the summer Mediterranean winds. This means that on north wind days we start our tours from the beach of Agali, while on south wind days we start from the main port of the island, Karavostasis. 
How long does the tour last?
Our standard tours last for half a day (4 hours). You can choose a morning (10:00-14:00) or an afternoon (15:00-19:00) tour and you also have the ability to extend the duration. Please note that extensions are charged per hour. 
What extras are provided?
We provide snorkeling equipment, big bean bags you can lay on, still water and a bottle of award-winning Greek wine, served with a selection of nuts. 
What do I need to bring with me? 
You will need to bring your own beach towels and sun protection. You of course bring anything else you might need - if in doubt please get in touch with us. 
For prices, availability or any other query, you can reach us using the website's contact form or on the numbers at the top of this page.


Further and apart from the private tours, regular trips from Agkali to Livadaki and Agios Nikolaos are offered daily, starting in the morning and ending in the afternoon. To ensure an optimal experience there are no set timetables but you can expect a boat roughly every time there is a bus coming to Agkali, with at least one trip every hour.


For specific needs or trips please ask on-site or call us. We’d be happy to help you and provide the latest info.