Evaggelos Venios
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address: Agkali, Folegandros, 84011, Greece


Formerly an old resort for locals. It has some small houses and can be reached by car.

Another popular beach of Folegandros, it is 25 minutes away from Agkali by walking the path that connects them. Places to eat are available very close to the beach. A more secluded but small beach is adjacent and is only accessible by water.

Agkali is the central beach of the island. It is not affected by the usual strong North winds. Our tours usually start there. Agkali has frequent connections with the rest of the island by bus and has hotels, rooms, cafes and taverns.

A small beach, not accessible by land, close to Dokari. There is a small sea cave nearby that can only be reached by swimming.

Tiny beach with access by land via a road.

Depending on the weather, we can approach this cove for a quick swim. Beautiful pool-like water color.

Small beach without access by land. It has a bright blue water color.

Located at the West-most edge of the island and without road or path access by land. A rocky, quiet bay suitable for a quick swim.

A big rock pillar that has been detached from the main island and is now standing upright, leaning on it.

Another small beach, close to Agkali, offering clean waters and having a sandy seabed. It can be accessed by land with a 10 minute walk along a path starting from Agkali.

A very small and cosy beach, located on the southern part of the island and protected from the strong North winds. You can reach it either by private boat tour or by following a footpath starting from Agkali beach.

The island’s port. It has hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. Scattered nearby are many small beaches, all accessible by the main road or paths.

One of the most popular beaches of the island. It can be accessed by boat starting from the port. There is a very steep path from Livadi which is only recommended for seasoned explorers.

Small cove with a small bay inside it. It can be accessed by road.

One of the most famous beaches of the island, in part due to its beautiful turquoise waters. A trademark small islet is protecting the beach from the South. Following a small path starting from the beach you can reach the Aspropouda lighthouse which is a 30 minute walk away. Livadaki can be reached from Ano Meria by about an hour of walking.

This is the area beneath Chora from where one can see the old Castle (Kastro) and Chora itself from below.

Rocks, pebbles and seaweed. Serfiotiko has a few small buildings where local fishermen store their boats. Steep path from Ano Meria available for the more daring visitors.

Very small beach with a unique water color and the island’s high cliffs surrounding it. It can be reached by land through a path starting from the main Ano Meria – Chora road.

A small opening between the rocks, it lends itself to swimming if the weather allows approaching.

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